Construction Products Europe aims to facilitate sustainable competitive growth of the European construction products industry by promoting efficient housing and infrastructure solutions through consensus and dialogue with the European Institutions and societal stakeholders. To achieve this, we monitor European legislative, administrative and economic measures affecting the construction materials and building products industry, and ensure, whenever possible, that the industry’s interests are taken into account.


Construction Products Europe has three main aims:

To promote the free movement of construction products in the internal market;
To establish the EU construction (product) industry as a crucial industrial sector able to meet the sustainability and competitiveness challenges;
To support the EU Institutions in the development of stable and reliable construction-related strategies, legislation and financial framework through the supply of expertise and vision.
We run various expert groups that strive to obtain from our members consensual industry views on important pan-European issues.


Construction Products Europe AISBL represents the interests of all European construction products manufacturers.

Construction Products Europe was established in 1988 as an AISBL, a non-profit making organisation under Belgian law.

We have a rotating presidency and vice presidency and our secretariat is based in Brussels.


The members of Construction Products Europe are national and European construction products associations. The detailed list is available in our members section.


As the representative of the European construction products industry, our activities cover a wide range of topics at product level, building level, infrastructure and even at city level. Our work programme is closely linked to the agenda of the European Institutions and stretches across industrial policy, sustainability issues, and single market completion.
We work through six working and task groups to develop proposals and positions. We are then able to represent a unified voice of the industry to the European Institutions as well as other stakeholders. Our three main areas of work are; Competitiveness, Sustainability and Single Market.

Our priority is to obtain the recognition of the importance of the construction sector from the EU decision-makers. Thereby leading to a more coordinated and stable EU policy framework.