7 September 2020

Organised by European Commission | Venue: online

The European Commission is organising on 7th of September 2020 the CPR Revision Technical Stakeholders Conference. The event will focus on the technical issues related to the implementation of the CPR under the perspective of its revision. The agenda will cover four main items and will be organised around questions:


Scope and relationship with other EU law

  • What should be the scope of the revised CPR?
  • Which mechanisms should be established to define a clear-cut borderline?
  • Which scope overlaps with other EU law are wishful and which should be avoided?

Harmonised sphere, national law and information needs

  • Where to put exactly the limit between the revised CPR and national law?
  • How to define the harmonised sphere in which Member States may not regulate unless such right is explicitly provided?
  • Which information shall or may be provided according to the revised CPR to cover both the needs of practitioners and Member States authorities?
  • How to keep a balance between information needs on one hand and risk of fragmentation of the market, administrative burden and information overload on the other?

Annex I

  • Shall the current basic work requirements be restructured?
  • If they were to be complemented by inherent product requirements, which ones?


Environmental requirements

  • Which types of environmental requirements are needed or wishful for which types of products?
  • How shall potential environmental requirements relate to the comprehensive approaches on overall environmental impact assessment (EN 15804 or PEF or other)?