12 July 2018

Organised by CEN-CENELEC | vENUE/ CEN-CENELEC Meeting Centre in Brussels

Smooth development and timely citation of Harmonized European Standards in OJEU has been a particular focus of Technical Boards since 2017.

The new HAS Consultant System came into force on 1 April 2018 thus replacing the New Approach Consultant framework. Ernst & Young (the Contractor on behalf of the EC) now manage a pool of HAS Consultants who assess European Standards that are candidate for citation. In April 2018 Technical Boards approved a new 'HAS Contractor/Consultants System interaction with the CEN-CENELEC Process' that defines different roles in the system and modalities of assessments by HAS Consultants. This process will soon be reflected in the CEN BOSS and CENELEC BOSS webpages.