5-6 February

Organised by European Commission | Venue: The Egg Congress & Meeting Centre, Brussels

The 2019 edition will be the last European Industry Days organised under this Commission. They will be held ahead of the Sibiu summit and could therefore contribute to the discussions on the future of Europe. We already have the Industrial Policy Strategy Communication in place which spells out a new approach to industrial policy under the current mandate of the Commission. However, industry still needs a forward-looking approach that would identify key longer-term trends that might require a policy response from the next Commission. This is in line with the current position of the Member States who ask for "for a comprehensive and long-term EU industrial strategy which should be in place at the latest by the beginning of the next EU institutional cycle".


The 2019 European Industry Days will also have a greater focus on societal aspects and social investment as well and industrial investment, and should demonstrate how EU policies create benefits for European citizens, taking into account the upcoming European Parliament elections.