22 November 2018

Organised by CEN, Construction Products Europe and FIEC | Venue: CEN-CENELEC Management Centre, rue de la Science 23, 1040 Brussels

This workshop is organised to guide experts from product CEN Technical Committees to deal with the challenge of writing harmonised standards to be cited by the European Commission in the Official Journal.


Since the entry into force of the regulation, the number of standards published by CEN but rejected by the EC for citation is very high. The new provisions of the regulation, lack of communication between standard's writers and consultants and the last minute assessment to verify full compliance with the regulation are the main reasons for the blockage.


After five years of enforced CPR CEN and stakeholders manage to develop within the framework of the Joint Initiative on Standardisation Action 5 a number of guidance documents and explanations to facilitate the work of experts when writing the standards but also to other stakeholders and authorities involved.