CEN/TC 350 plenary meeting took place the 11th October 2017 in Helsinki. The main topic discussed during the event was the amendment of EN 15804 to be aligned to the revised mandate M/350. After positive enquiry the final draft will be sent for formal vote around the end of the year and its final publication is expected before summer 2019.


The comments received during the enquiry were discussed, insisting on a compromise on the assessment of global warming potential related to biogenic carbon. The new proposal deviates on this point from the draft sent for enquiry but reflect an acceptable approach and is aligned to the relevant ISO standards.


The work developed by other groups was also presented:


- At product level (WG3): Revision of the documents on data quality and B2B; development of the new B2C standard and continuous assessment of product PCR documents are the ongoing tasks but were delayed due to the intensive work to develop the EN 15804 amendment.


- At building level (WG1): Revision of EN 15978 according to the amendment of EN 15804 and additional inputs is already planned.


- For civil engineering works (WG6): After the publication of EN 15643-5 Framework on specific principles and requirements for civil engineering works, the group is developing the methodology standard, amature draft is expected to be sent for enquiry in 2019.


- On framework (WG7): A draft framework to replace the five parts of EN 15643 is being discussed.


- On refurbishment (WG8): The recently created group is discussing the development of a document but they are finding difficulties to involve experts.