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Press release - EC consultation on construction products

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CPR shall remain the foundation of construction.

Yesterday, 22nd January, the European Commission published its public consultation on EU rules for products used in the construction of buildings and infrastructure works. The consultation period will run until 16th April 2018 and the questionnaire is available in 23 languages.

In December, Construction products Europe had already made it clear that our industry opposes the potential repeal of the Construction Products Regulation (Regulation (EU) 305/2011 - CPR). We believe the CPR must be the core regulatory framework for the construction sector in the EU.

Following extensive consultations with members and other stakeholders, we recently added that we feel confident that it is possible, through pragmatic solutions and within a reasonable timeframe, to resolve the CPR implementation issues under the current legislative framework. Should critical issues remain unresolved, a focused revision of the CPR could be considered during the next European Parliament term of office.

With our members support, we will carefully review the consultation and prepare our input in a constant dialogue with our colleagues from other relevant EU associations.