General views about the green, digital and resilient construction ecosystem

Our built environment is one of the main assets of the European economy. It evolves continuously around us, and we may now have the opportunity to transform it to meet the needs of society, to respond to known environmental challenges, and to lead our economy towards sustainability, decarbonisation, growth, and inclusiveness.

Whilst our decision-makers should steer this transition, the construction industry and its value-chain have a decisive role to play. Indeed, based on the future Transition Roadmap for construction that will be drafted in the coming months, we can deliver on the key priorities set by the European Union and so help achieve the target that lies at the heart of the EU 2050 strategy, reaching climate neutrality by 2050.

In its New Industrial Strategy, the European Commission has identified construction as one of the key sectors, now referred to as ecosystem, to “build a stronger Single Market for Europe’s recovery”. The Commission is now keen to discuss future actions with our sector and to collate recommendations to form our Transition Roadmap. Our guiding principles are to be found in the European Green Deal and such documents as the Renovation Wave and the new Circular Economy Action Plan.