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Against the repeal of the CPR Date  :  7 December 2017 Construction Products Europe rejects the repeal of the CPR and considers it must be the core regulatory framework for the construction sector in Europe LEVEL(S) Date  :  23 November 2017 Construction Products Europe supports LEVEL(s) and calls for ambitious roll-out Reduced CE marking Date  :  6 June 2017 Position on the potential revision of article 9.2 of the CPR Resource efficient buildings consultation on indicators Date  :  6 October 2016 Additional explanations and inputs to the consultation of the European Commission on indicators for resource efficient buildings Position paper on EURATOM implementation Date  :  6 July 2016 Position paper on the implementation of Basic Safety Standard Directive and assessment of radiation from construction products Position paper on EPBD Date  :  29 June 2016 Positon paper on EPBD promoting that our building stock delivers on average nZEB performance level at the latest by 2050 by renovation or replacement works. Position paper on Ecodesign Date  :  22 June 2016 Our position paper focus on the need to avoid any overlap between Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC) and Construction Products Regulation (EU 305/2011, the so called CPR) Joint position paper on market surveillance Date  :  22 April 2016 We have developed with FIEC two position papers on the implementation of the CPR, on standardisation on the one hand and Market Surveillance on the other hand. Joint position paper on standardisation Date  :  22 April 2016 Joint position paper with FIEC on the current situation of standardisation under the CPR.